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Children’s Court for Under 18’s

In NSW, the Children’s Court sits in three courthouses specifically designated for the Court. These courthouses are located at Parramatta, Glebe (known as Bidura Children’s Court) and Broadmeadow. The Children’s Court is a specialist court to deal with criminal cases, applications for apprehended violence orders, as well as other matters concerning children. The Children’s Court also sits at courts located at Campbelltown, Port Kembla, Sutherland, Nowra, Woy Woy and Wyong on a permanent basis. In regional and rural areas outside these locations the Children’s Court sits on a regular basis. At these locations the sittings of the Children’s Court usually coincide with Read More

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Supreme Court of NSW

The Supreme Court is the superior court of record in the State of New South Wales. The Court has supervisory jurisdiction over other NSW courts which hear criminal matters, and generally exercises this jurisdiction through its appellate courts. It is the highest court in NSW, and Judges of this Court preside over only the most serious criminal trials, involving very serious types of offences. Criminal Trials in the Supreme Court Judges preside over criminal trials for the most serious types of offences which are heard in the Supreme Court. Such serious criminal matters include: murder and manslaughter attempted murder major conspiracy and drug related Read More

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District Court – Trials and Appeals

The District Court of New South Wales is the intermediate Court in the state’s judicial hierarchy. It is the largest trial court in Australia and has an appellate jurisdiction. It hears serious criminal offences, appeals from lower courts and civil proceedings.  Criminal Jurisdiction In its criminal jurisdiction, the court may deal with all criminal offences except murder, treason and piracy. Types of Criminal Cases in the District Court The District Court determines cases that have been committed (referred) from the Local Court or Children’s Court.  Cases are committed to the District Court for trial or for sentence. District Court Trials A Read More

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Local Court in NSW

The Local Court has criminal and civil jurisdictions. In its criminal jurisdiction it deals with the majority of criminal and summary prosecutions in New South Wales. The Local Court also conducts committal proceedings to determine whether or not indictable offences are to be committed to the District or Supreme Courts. The Local Court also determines other applications such as Apprehended Violence Orders and appeals relating to driver’s licences.   There are a range of diversion programs available to Local Court Magistrates. Some are available in all Local Courts. Some are available in a very limited number of Local Court locations. Read More

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