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Drink Driving Lawyers NSW

If you have been charged with a PCA offence (prescribed concentration of alcohol in the blood) – colloquially known as drink driving, then you are probably looking for drink driving lawyers to assist you.

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Criminal Solicitor – Drink Driving

Drink Driving Criminal Solicitor One of the most common offences that a criminal solicitor deals with is drink driving. As you may know, the majority of these offences are not committed by hardened criminals. More often than not, they are regular people like you, who have had a few drinks on the way home and they happened upon the breathalyzer tests that are randomly being conducted by officers that patrol the roads. You may even have felt that you had all your wits about you and were not “over the limit” but it is very easy to exceed the legal limit of alcohol concentration Read More

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Drink Driving Penalties

Drink Driving penalties are a relatively complex area of the criminal law. To begin with, there are several offences that come under the drink driving offences umbrella. For fully licensed drivers, there are three drink driving offences – low range PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol), mid range PCA and high range PCA. But different penalties apply if you are charged with a second (or third or more) offence within a five year period. In addition, there is the less common offence of Driving Under the Influence, which adds another range of penalties. So there are basically seven different ranges of penalties Read More

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