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Criminal Lawyers Liverpool Local Court

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Liverpool Local Court deals with a wide range of criminal cases, including:

  • Affray and other public order related offences
  • Break and enter offences
  • Contravene Apprehended Violence Order (AVO)
  • Drink Driving, including Low Range, Mid Range, High Range, Special Range PCA matters and other drink driving and drug driving related matters
  • Driving whilst suspended
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Other types of Traffic Offences, including Negligent Driving, Speeding matters, Licence Appeals and more
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Supply offences
  • Common assault
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
  • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
  • Firearms offences
  • Fraud related matters
  • Larceny and Stealing
  • Other offences of dishonesty
  • Other property related offences, including damage to property
  • Indecent assault
  • Possession of child abuse material
  • Resist arrest
  • Stalk or Intimidate offences
  • Bail applications
  • Sentencing hearings
  • Section 32 applications (for a Mental Health outcome)
  • Committal hearings (i.e. preliminary hearings for more serious matters that are ultimately dealt with in the District Court)
  • Defended hearings (where you have pleaded Not Guilty)
  • and many more

For Liverpool lawyers, call Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Suburbs for fixed-fee legal representation now – (02) 9533 2269.

Liverpool Local Court – Courthouse

Liverpool Local Courthouse is located at 150 George Street, Liverpool. Liverpool police station is directly next to the Liverpool courthouse. The current Liverpool courthouse building houses many Local Court rooms, and there will usually be at least 4 Magistrates sitting on any particular day. Liverpool is located southwest of Sydney, and is accessible by Car, Train and Bus.

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STREET ADDRESS – 150 George Street Liverpool. NSW. 2170.

POSTAL ADDRESS – PO Box 3435 Liverpool Westfields. NSW. 2170.

TELEPHONE – 1300 679 272

FAX – (02) 9821 7888


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