Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Call (02) 9533 2269. If you have been arrested by Police for any type of offence, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible – our Sydney criminal lawyers will be able to advise you on your rights, and as to whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. Many people assume that if they have been charged with a criminal offence, and the Police have sufficient evidence to charge them, then they should plead guilty. Sometimes this may be the case, but not always. You should never go to Court unrepresented and enter a plea of guilty without first speaking to a lawyer.

But what type of lawyer should you find to give you legal advice, and to represent you? There are many types of lawyers, and many of them will represent clients in Courts when they are charged by Police, but not all Sydney law firms practise solely or even mostly in criminal matters. There are many generalist law practices which will represent you for your conveyancing matters, Family Law, or even personal injury matters, who also appear for clients in criminal cases. But is that really the lawyer you want to represent you in such a critical matter? No. Surely your case deserves an experienced solicitor in criminal law Sydney.

CBD and Suburban Sydney Criminal Lawyers

You should consider retaining a solicitor who has specific, and regular, expertise in appearing in criminal courts within the Sydney CBD and througout the Sydney metropolitan area. These are lawyers who regularly appear before Local Court Magistrates, as well as District and Supreme Court Judges, for clients who have been arrested and charged with criminal offences of a variety of types. You should look for Sydney criminal lawyers who act for clients charged with a wide range of offences, including:

  • property offences such as Destroy or Damage Property (often referred to as “malicious damage”), Break, Enter and Steal charges;
  • offences against the person such as Common Assault, Assault Occasioning Actual (or Grievous) Bodily Harm, Steal from a Person, Robbery, or the much more serious Malicious Wounding, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter or Murder;
  • offences which put members of the public at risk from drink driving and other major traffic offences, to Affray and Violent Disorder;
  • drugs offences including possession of prohibited drug and supply or trafficking of prohibited drugs;
  • fraud offences including Centrelink initiated offences, credit card fraud, stealing from your employer, and many more.

Only if a criminal lawyer Sydney has wide experience should you consider entrusting your Court matter to him or her, or even asking for that preliminary advice on whether you should be pleading guilty or not guilty.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers – Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

What if you have decided to plead guilty. Do you really need any criminal law firm Sydney to represent you, or can you simply go to Court and represent yourself? There are always matters that a Court can, and must, take into account when sentencing a person. Those matters may relate to the circumstances in which the offence was committed, or your own personal circumstances. You really need a lawyer to identify what matters in your particular case could help mitigate (or lessen) the severity of the sentence. It may be the difference between

  • being convicted or not having a conviction recorded on your record – a “section 10 dismissal” or a “section 10 bond”;
  • a small fine or a large one;
  • being put on a Good Behaviour Bond (a “section 9 Bond”) with or without the supervision of the Community Corrections Service (formerly known as Probation and Parole);
  • being sentenced to a Community Service Order or a full time jail sentence;
  • having your jail sentence suspended instead of serving full time jail;
  • having the Court consider options such as an Intensive Corrections Order or Home Detention instead of full time jail.

A good criminal lawyer can achieve a more lenient option in each case, by putting all relevant facts before the Magistrate or Judge, and putting them in an orderly and coherent manner which will make your case look as good as it can look in the circumstances.

There may be reports or references that could assist with achieving a more favourable sentence for you, and if so, Sydney criminal lawyers with experience can help you source those documents and ensure that they are put together in a way which is most helpful to your case

so call one of our Sydney criminal lawyers today (02) 9533 2269. our Sydney criminal lawyers can see you at a variety of locations, including Sydney CBD and any Sydney metropolitan area as far as Penrith, Richmond and Hornsby.
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