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March 15, 20220

Criminal Lawyers Sydney for Drink Driving Charges

Most people never even consider the possibility of needing the services of criminal lawyers Sydney, until they are arrested and charged for an offence, the most common of which in many areas of Sydney are drink driving charges. You may have always considered yourself a responsible citizen who would never commit or offence, or compromise your life or the lives of other people by operating a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Well, most people underestimate the amount of alcohol they have consumed, or miscalculate the period over which they have had it, or just plain don’t think. Most people know that if they have a blood alcohol concentration that exceeds the legal limit of .05 blood alcohol concentration, then they can be in serious trouble. And yet scores of otherwise sensible people do commit these crimes every day.

The consequence if this is you – you have probably been charged with drink driving and are looking for a criminal defence lawyer to advise you and ideally to appear for you in Court.

Random Breath Test or Accident Resulting in Drink Driving Charges

If you came to the attention of police via any circumstances other than a random breath testing, the charge could be viewed more seriously, and you would be well advised to call criminal lawyers Sydney earlier rather than later. All types of drink driving charges are treated seriously by the Courts, but especially if the drink driving is accompanied by speeding or other types of traffic offences, or worse still, an accident, since these are considered to be aggravating factors, which increase the seriousness of the offence.

Criminal Lawyers Sydney for Drink Driving Charges – Your Court Appearance

When you appear in Court, you have the option to either represent yourself, or to be represented by a drink driving lawyer with expertise in the technicalities of criminal law as it relates to drink driving, to help you get the best outcome possible.

Criminal lawyers Sydney – a team of experienced professionals whose main objective is to ensure that you receive the lowest punishment or penalty possible in your particular circumstances, are experienced in drink driving charges – so call us on (02) 9533 2269.

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