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April 2, 20220

Drink Driving Lawyers NSW

If you have been charged with a PCA offence (prescribed concentration of alcohol in the blood) – colloquially known as drink driving, then you are probably looking for drink driving lawyers to assist you.

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Drink Driving Lawyers


from our team are experienced in all facets of the law as it relates to offences of drink driving. They will advise you on how you can achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances of your case.

Whether you have been charged with Low Range, Mid Range, or High Range PCA, there is often a good deal of scope for arguing that your penalty should be less than would be imposed if the Magistrate knows nothing about you. Only an experienced drink driving lawyer will be able to canvass all necessary information with you so as to maximise your prospects of achieving a good result, and can expertly argue on your behalf so as to convince the Magistrate that your circumstances are deserving of some leniency.

A driver’s licence is important to almost all of us, and minimising the disqualification period is something that only an experience driving driving lawyer can do well. Fines can also be significantly reduced if the right case is put forward to the Magistrate.

Circumstances that Drink Driving Lawyers Can Put Forward on Your Behalf:

There are numerous aspects of both the circumstances in which the offence arose, your history (criminal and traffic history, or lack of either may be relevant), and your personal circumstances generally, that can be taken into account by a Magistrate when determining the appropriate sentence or penalty. An experienced drink driving lawyer is used to eliciting from you the most pertinent information, and presenting the most important factors in the best possible light.

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If you have been caught and charged with a PCA (drink driving) offence, call one of our experienced criminal solicitors to discuss your particular circumstances. Our drink driving lawyers Sydney can help you. Similarly, we have Parramatta drink driving lawyers, as well as for every other suburb in Sydney

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