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Supreme Court of NSW

The Supreme Court is the superior court of record in the State of New South Wales. The Court has supervisory jurisdiction over other NSW courts which hear criminal matters, and generally exercises this jurisdiction through its appellate courts. It is the highest court in NSW, and Judges of this Court preside over only the most serious criminal trials, involving very serious types of offences.

Criminal Trials in the Supreme Court

Judges preside over criminal trials for the most serious types of offences which are heard in the Supreme Court. Such serious criminal matters include:

  • murder and manslaughter
  • attempted murder
  • major conspiracy and drug related charges
  • Commonwealth prosecutions for the more serious breaches of the Corporations Law.

Supreme Court Bail Applications

The Supreme Court can also hear bail applications in relation to cases in the Court or in other Courts (including people who have been denied bail in either the Local or District Court). On such applications, the Court will consider whether a person can be granted bail and any conditions which should be attached to it (often, although not always, the conditions may be onerous). If your loved one has been denied bail in a lower Court and wants to consider putting in a Supreme Court bail application, it is important that this application is made promptly, as the current wait to get these applications before the Court is several weeks long.

Supreme Court Appellate Jurisdiction (Appeals)

The Supreme Court has both trial and appellate jurisdictions. The appellate court for criminal matters is the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Court of Criminal Appeal

The diagram below is a simplified representation of the criminal appeal process in NSW. Actual appeal rights are, of course, determined by the various relevant legislation.

Locations of the Supreme Court in Sydney

Proceedings in the Court of Appeal, the Court of Criminal Appeal, and the Common Law Division of the Supreme Court in its Criminal jurisdiction are held in any one of the following locations:

  • Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney
  • St James Road Court, St James Road, Sydney
  • King Street Courthouse, Corner King and Elizabeth Streets, Sydney
  • Darlinghurst Courthouse, Taylor Square, Sydney
  • Wentworth Chambers, 180 Phillip Street, Sydney
  • Hospital Road Court Complex, Hospital Road, Sydney

The primary location is the Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney. This superior Court does also sit in various locations outside of Sydney, often on a “circuit” basis (i.e. visiting Judges will preside, and the Courts will be open only for a few specified weeks in each year.

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